Confessions of a novice blogger

Love it or hate it, content marketing is absolutely part of today’s business; with blogging being content marketing’s right hand (wo)man. To quote Wikipedia: Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

So, having relied on our wonderful and diverse network for content over the last ten years, here at WiRE we have decided to join the party. So here are the…

20 steps we go through to get some content out to the world.

  1. Sit and look at a blank page for 30 minutes
  2. Decide that there is nothing to say, go and make a cake
  3. Eat cake, listen read and watch – still nothing
  4. Suddenly in the shower – Eureka
  5. Write the nub of an idea down, often a random thought, story or something that has happened
  6. Try desperately to tie it into business
  7. Waffle on for about 500 words then stop, it’s going nowhere (note to self: finish half written blog about how The WiRE contains lessons for business – drug dealing, what were you thinking?)
  8. Wake up at 3am with a brilliant idea, retain only 10% of it but at 7am write it down anyway
  9. Remember that it is your individual voice so can be worded how you like (you don’t have to sound like The Financial Times)
  10. Recall the words from that great sage, Philippa Davis – this is story telling, your story is never wrong, different but not wrong
  11. Accept that hardly anything is “new”, just writing it in a different way might make it more appealing to different readers and they may just come back for more
  12. Believe that you have got something to say; sometimes knowledgeable – occasionally insightful
  13. Relax and start pulling the disparate ideas together
  14. Realise that the words are flowing without even thinking about it
  15. Stop. Then read, reflect and refine the next day (hey, this is OK)
  16. Read it again and again and again – typo, spelling, grammar
  17. Stop polishing – perfection is overrated (you have permission to ignore the WordPress Readability Guide!)
  18. Press publish – aggghhh
  19. Get your brilliance out to your customers and potential customers (now that’s another story –  guest blog anybody?)
  20. Rinse and repeat…

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(Photo credit: Cornell University Library  via photopin (license)

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  • Imogen Allen says:

    Haha you totally nailed the blog process! At least we can all relate to it and feel human after all! Look forward to seeing your new blogs!

  • Helen Reynolds - Ink Gardener Copywriting and Social Media says:

    This made me laugh! Great blog. Although to be serious for a moment, I find copying and pasting as a post on LinkedIn reveals at least three undiscovered typos. This is because it’s in a different font and layout. Not on LinkedIn? Just up the font size in Word. Can’t wait to see the new blogs.

  • Ruth Wright says:

    Never got past eating the cake !!

  • jane says:

    Sounds very familiar

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