Welcome to the WiRE Blog

The WiRE Website has zillions of words. It features knowledge from the network, information for and by women in business to help your business grow. There is news from the network; successes, stories and activities along with events from the 50 Local WiRE Networks . We have a noticeboard, testimonials and the wonderful Rural Marketplace which lists every WiRE Member’s business (everything you could ever need under one roof). But until now there wasn’t a place for the WiRE Team; our thoughts, activities, reflections and combined experience of 40 years running our own businesses and working with women in business. Buckle up, it’s going to be a rocky ride.

The WiRE Network is diverse and lively and the blog will reflect this; there will also be featured members and their personal or business stories, reviews of books and apps and lots of useful information. No week is going to be the same, but it will always be interesting.

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