Twelve tips to look and feel confident (when you are really trembling in your boots)

As a quick follow up to the last blog on confidence (it comes in cans!) here are a few quick tips to look and feel the part

  1. Invest in a key piece of clothing or accessory that gives you confidence and identifies you (in a sea of suits, the bold stands out!)
  2. Wear clothes with pockets and have everything to hand; your business cards, phone, glasses etc. scrabbling in your handbag will kill any conversation
  3. Talk to yourself – repeat an affirmation on the way to a meeting  “I am calm and confident, I am calm and confident etc.”
  4. When you enter a room, smile and move your head from side to side as if you know (or want to meet) everybody
  5. Walk tall. You look confident, project your voice better, and a change in stature does change your state of mind
  6. Slowly does it. Take a second before introducing yourself – Pause, smile, handshake, good to meet you, I’m Fiona, Fiona Davies from WiRE
  7. Make eye contact and angle towards the person you are talking to
  8. Keep your head upright when you are talking. Women often put their heads on one side, and nod a lot. Great for listening, but not for authority
  9. Stay still – women fidget much more than men, and this can look less confident
  10. Finish your own sentences and try not to tail off at the end
  11. Lower! Let your voice drop at the end of your sentences, when your voice rises statements become questions and lose impact.
  12. Learn a bit about body language; matching your tone, content and body language (7% words 38% tone 55% body language) makes a big difference

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