We need to talk about membership…

So, you’ve seen them – those tweets and ads and posts and emails which promise you can make a 7 figure salary or you can be more fulfilled or you can sell enough widgets to buy a yacht or you can find the perfect work/life balance.

They offer just enough tantalising titbits of knowledge to make you want more. You pass them your email address, get a free billionaire e-book, then an exclusive join us offer!

The concept is as old as the hills and in the main we just take the e-book and unsubscribe. But we’ve noticed recently that this is being neatly packaged into a shiny new concept called Membership Business Clubs.

And by membership they mean that you get to be part of the club. You have access to the content, training, newsletters and expertise that they choose to make available to you. And they generate a recurring income from you.

Sorry, but here at WiRE, we don’t think membership works like that!

WiRE has been proud to call ourselves a membership club for, well as long as we can remember (certainly pre grey hair and longsighted Poundland specs).

Very early on we made a strategic decision that membership of the WiRE club should benefit every member. A place where every member can contribute and promote their business. Where it is part of the ethos that members support other members and help them to succeed. Where the members inform, define and drive the group.

  • WiRE Members are the Membership Club.

For us membership meant (and still means) facilitating the sharing of skills and information across the whole network. It means connecting members and celebrating successes. It means enabling members to support and inspire others. It means being proud to be part of a group where the members are “like you”, who are invested in your success and who want build relationships. We are proud that WiRE Members feel so strongly about supporting others that they volunteer to be WiRE Network Leaders offering valuable face to face support.

It goes against the grain of what we at WiRE understand by “Membership” to have a club “boss”, to have somebody who controls the content, communication and activities and where recurring revenue and member retention is the business.

Membership Clubs are for members, by members!

Many of these sites do offer targeted content, training and support, and there are many valuable, reasonably priced ones. But please, don’t call them Membership (subscription, academy, training whatever) and before you shell out to join a membership club to become a blogging genius; check out the zillions of online training courses, it may just be information that you are after:

The reason for writing this blog (and it’s toned down considerably from the initial rant) was that we were invited to join a membership club. Costing £450 per year to join, to have access to their club training academy which would teach us how to be a get more members i.e. how to be a Membership Site. Yes, there is specific content and yes we would be part of an online community and yes apparently we could make an 8 figure income (promise to share it with WiRE members).

But seriously, as far as we are concerned at WiRE…

  • we bring together a community of people who are “like” each other and who like each other
  • we give them opportunities online and face to face to connect

So that members can:

  • learn from each other
  • be inspired by and share in others successes
  • do business together and on behalf of each other

People… that is Membership

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