Sharing is not just caring, it’s good business as well


The WiRE Knowledgebase is packed with information written for and by women in business and WiRE Members can post their own information blogs; not only to help other women in business but also to benefit from all the reposting and publicity that we do.

Every knowledgebase article posted on the WiRE Website gets shared on our Facebook Page, Group, on Twitter and in the WiRE e-newsletter. Judging by the Reach snapshot below, sharing blogs, content and knowldge on the WiRE Website is netting loads of new views and potentially more business for WiRE members.

There is a huge wealth of experience and knowledge within the WiRE Network;  social media and marketing experts, pension, legal, financial and HR specialists, members to help you find your public speaking voice, your inner peace, more confidence and a new direction. It’s time to start sharing!

To post your blog just go to the WiRE Member Account Page, log in, upload and get your name out there. It’s that simple…





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