Six Tips to becoming a better networker (we call it Grigle!)

Top Tips for good networking (or Grigle)

  • GENEROSITY – networking is more give than take. If you can’t help, find somebody who can. Recommend and promote others – good business is good for everybody.
  • RESPECT – integrity and authenticity are everything in networking. Everybody is important, everybody has something to say, everybody should feel welcome.
  • INVEST – in your network, cherish it, nourish it, and attend regularly – networking is about building relationships, it’s a marathon not a sprint.
  • GIVE – what you get out of it depends a lot on what you put in. Put your hand up and get involved. Your confidence will grow, you will boost your profile and gain new customers.
  • LISTEN – we have two ears and one mouth, use them in that proportion. Take time to understand others, their business and their needs to build a genuine relationship, not just a sales lead.
  • ENTHUSIASM – curb it! A hard sell always hampers the chances of a long term relationship. Great WiRE networkers share their skills and experiences; they know the sale comes later, when the customer knows and trusts you.

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