What do I do if an Employee doesn’t attend work when it snows?

With weather predictions forecasting snow in the coming weeks, it is worth having a look at what agreements you have in place and have a read of the below blog from WiRE Member Karen Scott from Specailist HR Solutions

Some employers have in place a Severe Weather and Disruption to Travel Policy, or contractual clauses within the Employment Contract, that outline what to do in such circumstances. However, for those that do not, several factors may need to be considered.

Withholding pay when an employee cannot get into work for example, can be an issue for employers if there is no contractual or policy rules to rely on. Employees have the right not to suffer unlawful deductions from wages. A better practice would be to look at contingencies should the situation of not being able to get in to work arise. Some examples of contingencies might be:

  • Making up lost time at a later date
  • Travelling to another office – if it is possible to do so
  • Taking any absence as annual leave
  • Taking absence as unpaid leave
  • Working from home or otherwise working remotely
  • Closing the office or workplace
  • Being paid as if the employee had attended work

Employers need to ensure that if they wish to implement any of the above, they first consider Health and Safety – such as when it may be dangerous for the employee to attempt to get to work. Employer must also implement any decisions in accordance with the appropriate legislation, applying the same options to all staff.

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