Got the blues about blogging?

Helen Willson from Mezzo Consultancy was on our Expert Q&A Panel at the WiRE Conference – Optimising & Building Your Brand. Helen helps businesses with planning and writing blogs and offers coaching and editing support. Below, Helen shares some tips on getting your blog off the ground or out of the writing rut.


Got the blues about blogging?

You were all set at the start of the year to get cracking on some new content for your website. But you’ve been busy, like me (and like lots of busy professional women I meet) and that bothersome blogging thing has already dropped off your to-do list. Or as spring weather warms up, you’ve started channelling Marie Kondo and found yourself busy a-tidying your desk? Or perhaps you’re just plain stuck and need some inspiration?

Blogs start with a business goal

What do you want your business blog to help you achieve? Do you want to attract a new audience and begin growing a list of subscribers? Want more direct bookings for your businesses’ products or better take up for a specific service you’re offering? Instead of worrying about what to write, first decide why you want to blog.

For many SME’s a regular blog will be part of a content marketing and SEO plan that keeps the business visible. Your goal is to get your audience to do something. Work out why your audience would be interested in what you have to say or tips you can share with them.

Ask yourself – how can I help solve their problem and what action am I asking them to take?

What shall I write a blog post about?

SME business blog posts can offer sound advice, can give you hints and tips, to-do lists, can entertain and even inspire. A blog post can be short and pithy or long-form, a 1000-2000-word article or a helpful in-depth guide.

If you’re not sure what to write, just imagine one of your customers. If you could nail just one of the problems they’re facing in the business today or could address some of the questions they might be asking you – what advice would you give them? Now think of 5 more. If you have an hour or two, do some mind mapping and you’ll have a list that’ll take you through the year.

Your Business Blog – Just start.

Nag to self. Just do it. Start with one. Start tapping away on those keys about something you actually know quite a lot about and you’ll soon find you’ve racked up several paragraphs. Get excited and before you know it, you’ll have filled a page

Break long chunks of text up for your target reader using lists, use helpful pointers, remember to add top tips and you’re almost there. Almost. Make sure you read it aloud. Check for grammar and spelling. Done. Now you can simply add an image or two, upload it to your website and social channels.



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